Peach Pepper Jam

Peach jam is a classic condiment, and a touch of heat makes it unusual without being weird. This stuff is great on a bagel, a cheese plate, or a grilled chicken sandwich. Little jars of homemade jam also make charming gifts!

Peach pepper jam with cheese and crackers

You’ll need, more or less:

  • 900 g4 c peeled1 and chopped peaches (about 1.5 kg3 lbs whole fruit)
  • 800-1200 g4-6 c sugar
  • Lemon juice
  • 2+ hot peppers, seeds removed
  • Canning supplies: jars, lids, tongs, and a large pot for processing

Follow the instructions that come with the pectin, but mince the peppers and add them to the fruit before cooking. For example, if you’re using Sure-Jell pectin, be sure to follow the Sure-Jell recipe. Mixing and matching between recipes may prevent the jam from thickening properly.

Minced hot pepper added to a saucepan of peaches and sugar

When I say hot peppers, I do mean hot. A spoonful of jalapeño doesn’t have enough firepower to cut the sweetness, and adding more can interfere with the texture of the jam. Go for a thin-walled pepper like a habanero or bird’s eye chile. This is also a perfect excuse to break out some exotic super-hot peppers. You can often find ghost peppers at the farmers market, and Carolina Reapers are easily grown in buckets. Make sure you wear gloves when preparing them!

  1. The easiest way to peel peaches is to poach them. Boil them for 60 seconds then transfer them to ice water. The skin will slide right off. 

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